DTAS Annual Conference & AGM 2022

On 4th and 5th September 2022, we hosted our DTAS Annual Conference. This was our first in person conference in three years with the theme of ‘Gather, Connect and Thrive’.

Over the course of two days, we held many workshops and study visits including a virtual study visit to Glen Urquhart Rural Community Association. Our workshops focused on topics such as Succession Planning and Place Planning and we were able to hear from our excellent speakers in the plenaries. You can view some of the video sessions below as well as some of the workshop presentations.

DTAS Conference Brochure 2022

PDF icon DTAS Conference Brochure 2022.pdf

A virtual copy of our Conference 2022 brochure.

GURCA Virtual Study Visit

This is a short video on Glen Urquhart Rural Community Association (GURCA), detailing the journey of the Trust to arrive at its present form. The Trust’s overall vision is to develop, inspire and embrace a vibrant future for its area, which is characterised by heavy tourism due to its location near Loch Ness. The Trust has rapidly developed in recent years and has many activities, including the operation of the Loch Ness Hub.

Conference Opening Remarks and Opening Plenary 

Speakers: Pauline Smith (DTAS Chief Executive), Jim Bristow (DTAS Chair) and Tom Arthur MSP (Minister for Public Finance, Planning and Community Wealth)

DTAS Conference 2022 Opening Remarks and Plenary

Workshop 1 - Community Ownership Support Service (Making Your Mind Up)

In our communities there are often several assets that are struggling and may not have reopened after the pandemic. This may mean the loss of valuable services and diminished community meeting spaces. Which ones are most viable for us to take forward? The COSS team and Inchinan Development Trust heard about ranking assets and lessons learnt along the way.

Workshop 2 - Community Shares Scotland (Green Ideas - The Future of Community Shares)

Can community shares play a part in community-led climate action? And if so, how? Community Shares Scotland (CSS) team and partners discussed how innovative, environmentally focused share offer ideas can support the transition to net zero. CSS were joined by groups who have already run successful share offers for their “green ideas”.

PDF icon Workshop 2 - CSS.pdf

Workshop 3 - Succession Planning

This Succession Planning facilitated workshop brought Trusts together to share experiences and strategies on preparing for the future to support long term sustainability.

PDF icon Workshop 3 - Succession Planning.pdf

Workshop 4 - Innovate, imagine, collaborate. (Aird Fada Seaweed Farm - South West Mull & Iona Development)

Cameron Anson shared the story of South West Mull and Iona Development’s venture into the emerging industry of seaweed farming, with the first super kelp harvest from their seaweed farm, Aird Fada, this year. Seaweed farming is a young global industry and seaweed is in demand for a multitude of uses from culinary to clothing, to bioplastics. This is a story of imagination, innovation and collaboration to get this project off the ground (or under the water). The workshop facilitated a discussion of how Trusts can think through their own activities using these themes.

PDF icon Workshop 4 - Innovate, Imagine, Collaborate.pdf

Workshop 6 - Place Planning (Planning Aid Scotland)

PAS (Planning Aid Scotland) led an interactive session about Local Place Plans and other types of community-led plans. Sharing their experiences of working on plan projects across Scotland, bringing in reflections from different communities that we've worked with.

PDF icon Workshop 6 - Place Planning.pdf

Workshop 7 - Collaboration (Glasgow Empowering Community Cooperative - GECCo)

Formed in 2016, GECCo brings together like-minded organisations covering the whole of Glasgow to deliver new city-wide initiatives and benefit from each other’s expertise and experience. The seminar led delegates through the history of GECCo, discussing its benefits and the challenges it met along the way. Speakers discussed work to date, including delivering on a ESF Employability and DWP contract.

PDF icon Workshop 7 - Collaboration.pdf

Closing Plenary

Speakers: Reid Hutchison (Vice Chair of DTAS), Barry Fisher (CEO of Keep Scotland Beautiful) and Michael Cook (CEO of Circular Communities)

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