Case Studies

Newlands Community Development Trust (NCDT) serves the small parish of Newlands in the Tweeddale area of the Scottish Borders and the surrounding area. This rural area has grappled with isolation and limited local services and employment opportunities. NCDT’s work in technology and the circular economy aims to tackle these challenges through direct service-provision, supporting local businesses, organisations and households, and generating good-quality skilled jobs and learning opportunities.

(This is a part of a series of case studies highlighting development trust's climate activities)

Established in 2009, Greener Kirkcaldy is a community-led charity and development trust working locally to combat the climate emergency, tackle fuel poverty and food insecurity, and bring people together for a more sustainable and resilient Kirkcaldy. They deliver a range of projects, events and skills training to meet the needs and goals of local people – working towards a future where everyone can live better and tread more lightly on our planet.

(This is a part of a series of case studies highlighting development trust's climate activities)

In 2010 one of the earliest community-owned renewable energy generation sites – Garmony Hydro - was developed by Mull & Iona Community Trust to address both local energy security and the climate crisis. The Garmony Hydro Scheme and subsequent Waterfall Fund have had a hugely positive impact – in terms of enhanced local recognition and reputation – but even more so for the local community

(This is a part of a series of case studies highlighting development trust's climate activities)

Since the buyout, the community and the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust have worked to improve the built and natural environment of the island and have undertaken a number of impressive environmental projects.

(This is a part of a series of case studies highlighting development trust's climate activities)

Easdale Island Community Hall

Recognising the importance of the community ownership of assets, Eilean Eisdeal are confidently securing their island's future for generations to come.

Fintry Development Trust

By taking an enterprising approach to making their village ‘greener’, Fintry Development Trust have shown just what can be achieved within a small rural community

Inverclyde Community Development Trust

Established in 1987, Inverclyde Community Development Trust has grown to become a significant local employer with a turnover of £3 million and assets of £1 million

Working in partnership with Cordale Housing Association, Renton Community Development Trust has developed an award winning strategy for generating ‘community wealth’

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