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For publications, tools and resources relating to asset transfer, please see the Community Ownership Support Service (COSS) website:

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DTAS Members 'In Action': Climate Action

Our ‘In Action’ case study series highlights the diverse range of activities, services, and policy areas development trusts in the DTAS membership operate in. This month’s ‘Climate Action’ series spotlights some of the many DTAS members promoting sustainable community regeneration and tackling climate change though community growing, biodiversity work, providing carbon emissions reductions and more.

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DTAS Members Survey Summary and Key Findings

A summary and key findings of the full DTAS members survey report, accessed below. 

DTAS Members Survey Full Report:

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Members Report produced using the findings from the 2023 members survey you were all so kind to complete. 

The 2023 DTAS member survey has been a critical exercise to update information about the scale and scope of our movement across Scotland. 

Over 50% of our members completed the survey sent out in June of 2023. Since then, our Research and Insights team have been working to produce valuable insights on the challenges and opportunities facing our members as well as up to date statistics on the income, activities, staffing, volunteering, asset ownership and operations of Development Trusts across the country. Click below to read:

DTAS Annual Review 2022-2023

DTAS' most recent Annual Review for 2022-23. This Annual Review provides an overview of DTAS’ work in the past year and highlights the continued support and opportunities for our members.

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DTAS Members Map 2022-23

DTAS' most recent Members Map. A document showcasing an up to date overview of all of our members in 2022-23

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So you want to set up a Development Trust? (2024)

A guide for those looking to set up a trust, that answers some of the main questions such as: What is a development trust? How can a development trust benefit your community? What steps can you take to start a development trust?

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What Works Scotland Policy & Practice Briefing - Public services built around people & communities

Exploring the roles of community anchor organisations in public service reform and social change

PDF icon WWSExploringRolesofCommunityAnchorPolicyandPracticeBriefing.pdf

Measuring development trust impact - a summary report by Education Scotland and Development Trusts Association Scotland

A co-authored PDF icon Summary report t3.pdf of a time-limited collaboration between Education Scotland, the quality and improvement service for education in Scotland, and DTA Scotland.

Inspiring Change

Creating a successful development trust. A resource (including CD) for communities who are motivated and ready to take action but need inspiration and information to take their first steps towards making their ideas a reality.

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Bearing Fruit

Report on good practice in asset based rural community development.

Local People Leading - A Vision for a Stronger Community Sector

Scotland's community-based networks, coming together as the Scottish Community Alliance, have collaborated over a six-month period to produce this joint vision of how Scotland's community sector can grow and develop.

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The Green Asset Guide

Help with improving the environmental performance of built assets.

On the borderline: development trusts tackling poverty

This publication tells the stories of development trusts who have made it their business to tackle poverty issues at the local level.

Early Warning Guide

This guide highlights important questions that board members and managers need to consider, so that you'll never have to say "I wish I'd said something sooner".

History of Community Ownership

Written by Steve Wyler, Director of the DTA, this publication provides a concise history of community asset ownership in the UK, an idea that has been in existence in the uk for hundreds of years.

Community-driven place making

This booklet draws together some examples from across Scotland of how place making – in most cases involving the provision of new homes – has been driven by the local community.

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Our Partner DTA Scotland Services

The Community Ownership Support Service (COSS) is funded by the Scottish Government to support community based groups in Scotland take a stake in or ownership of previously publicly owned land or buildings.

Community Shares Scotland is a national organisation that exists to raise awareness of the community shares model and support communities who wish to raise money this way.

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