Member Stories

Northmavine Community Development Company (NCDC) - Located at the very top of Shetland’s mainland, Northmavine is almost an island on its own. Grab your popcorn and fizzy drink and join us to watch this short film that captures the inspirational journey of NCDC, from community-led initiative to community-powered regeneration, enterprise and beyond.

DTA SCotland Annual Conference 2020: Virtual Study Visit - Northmavine Community Development Company

Callander Community Development Trust are involved in a number of exciting projects. These include tree planting, a hydro scheme displacing 1000 tonnes of carbon each year, and more. 

Callander's Climate Action Journey

Linlithgow Community Development Trust is a development trust that has brought together many parts of the community to tackle the common cause of climate change and build local resilience. This video features: Linlith-Go-Solar - a community energy enterprise project making solar work for the benefit of the community; a new West Lothian cycle circuit; and more!

Linlithgow's Climate Action Journey

South Seeds is a development trust that supports people in the Southside of Glasgow to lead more sustainable lives. This video demonstrates this, through projects such as their 'Adopt a bed' scheme, tool library, energy advice service and more. 

South Seeds: Delivering an urban oasis in central Glasgow

North West Mull Community Woodland Company was established in 2006 to purchase and manage the Langamull and West Ardhu forests in the north west of Mull. In 2018 the trust then had the opportunity to purchase the island of Ulva for the local community. They are already involved in a number of exciting environmental projects and have plans for many more.

North West Mull Community Woodland Company: Matching the Dream to Reality

Located right on the border with England, Newcastleton is a village that is the epitome of the Scottish Borders.  Listen to the incredible story of Newcastleton & District Community Trust.

Newcastleton & District Community Trust: Our Story

Helmsdale and District Development Trust showcase how a rural community in the remote north east of Scotland has begun to tackle to shortage of affordable housing in their community.

Helmsdale & District Development Trust Housing Project

Hear from The Stove Network's Martin O'Neill as he discusses the impact that Local Resilience funding has had in a Dumfries community in just a short period of time.

Local Resilience: Pockets & Prospects - The Stove Network 'Bounce Back'

Angus Robertson, Sleat Community Trust on the Isle of Skye, discusses the trading companies set up by the trust, one a retail subsidiary and the other dealing in renewable energy.

DTAS Member Stories: Angus Robertson, Sleat Community Trust

Teresa Aitken from Glenboig Neighbourhood House near Glasgow talks about delivering services for the community, including youth work, older people's services, volunteering and community transport.

DTAS Member Stories:Teresa Aitken, Glenboig Neighbourhood House

Networking & Events

Connect and collaborate through an annual conference, regional events, Community Learning Exchange, and regular peer-to-peer check-in sessions to build relationships and share knowledge.

Training & Resources

Build organisational capacity through strategic review sessions, trustees and company director training, Continuing Professional Development sessions, and access to a wide range of DTAS publications and toolkits covering best practices

Representation & Influencing

Leverage DTAS's role as the voice for development trusts to influence policy, and participate in government consultations, and pilot programs. Amplify your voice at the highest levels.

Advice & Support

Get tailored guidance from dedicated development officers and access expert professional advice on legal matters, to inform and advance your work.

Our Partner DTA Scotland Services

The Community Ownership Support Service (COSS) is funded by the Scottish Government to support community based groups in Scotland take a stake in or ownership of previously publicly owned land or buildings.

Community Shares Scotland is a national organisation that exists to raise awareness of the community shares model and support communities who wish to raise money this way.

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