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Saving money by reducing expenditure is always welcome, so DTAS has negotiated deals and developed several partnerships to be able offer our members a range of member benefits and free services.

Workplace Wellbeing Support Service

Is your workforce feeling the effects of burnout and you’re not sure how to manage it?

Do you want to prioritise the wellbeing of your staff team?

Are you experiencing difficulties with your organisational culture and not sure how to improve it?


If so, the DTAS Workplace Wellbeing Support Service is here to help!

DTAS’ Workplace Wellbeing Support Service will provide tailored support to DTAS’ members based on wellbeing from an organisational level. The support will be available to development trusts that would like to focus on promoting the positive wellbeing of their staff team.

The support service will provide:

  • Face to face or online 1:1 support from our Wellbeing & Inclusion Coordinator
  • Tailored resources based on workplace wellbeing
  • Relevant training and webinars
  • Staff engagement sessions
  • Practical tips on how to look after your workforce

Click here to find out a little bit more about the service - PDF icon Workplace Wellbeing Support Flyer - 2024.pdf

Please click this link to make a direct referral to our service.

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Empower Your Journey with DTA Scotland’s Personal Development Coaching Programme

Are you looking to enhance your personal and professional development within a supportive community?

Are you seeking strategies to achieve a better work-life balance and strengthen your decision-making skills?

Do you wish to cultivate a stronger sense of autonomy and self-prioritization within your work environment?

If these questions resonate with you, DTA Scotland’s Personal Development Coaching Programme is designed to support your growth. Tailored specifically for individuals working or volunteering within our member organisations, this 6-week coaching initiative is a key component of our commitment to fostering significant development across our sector.

What the Programme Offers:
- Initial Consultation Call: Engage in a one-on-one session to set clear, actionable goals for your personal and professional growth.
- Weekly Personal Coaching: Benefit from dedicated sessions focusing on self-reflection, goal setting, and strategic action planning.
- Ongoing Accountability: Receive regular follow-ups to ensure you stay on track and make the most of the programme.

Transformative Outcomes:
Our participants experience profound changes, reporting:
- Enhanced work-life balance.
- Sharper decision-making abilities.
- Increased personal autonomy.

Hear from Our Participants:
- “This programme offered clarity and helped prioritize my well-being, changing how I approach daily pressures.”
- “I’ve broken free from limiting beliefs, harnessing my skills and the power of my connections.”

Join Us:
To learn more and register your interest, please fill out the Expression of Interest (EOI) here.

Further Information:
For more information about this programme please contact Errin directly on


Networking & Events

Connect and collaborate through an annual conference, regional events, Community Learning Exchange, and regular peer-to-peer check-in sessions to build relationships and share knowledge.

Training & Resources

Build organisational capacity through strategic review sessions, trustees and company director training, Continuing Professional Development sessions, and access to a wide range of DTAS publications and toolkits covering best practices

Representation & Influencing

Leverage DTAS's role as the voice for development trusts to influence policy, and participate in government consultations, and pilot programs. Amplify your voice at the highest levels.

Advice & Support

Get tailored guidance from dedicated development officers and access expert professional advice on legal matters, to inform and advance your work.

Our Partner DTA Scotland Services

The Community Ownership Support Service (COSS) is funded by the Scottish Government to support community based groups in Scotland take a stake in or ownership of previously publicly owned land or buildings.

Community Shares Scotland is a national organisation that exists to raise awareness of the community shares model and support communities who wish to raise money this way.

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