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Identify Sites

✓ Identify land allocated for housing in the Local Plan or Local Development Plan, and other possible sites

✓ Undertake a local site search looking for any land owned by public bodies such as the Council, Church or public bodies.

✓ Approach the Forestry Commission to find out whether there is any suitable land available through the National Forest Land Scheme

✓ Find out who owns any appropriate  land identified and whether there are any plans for development.

✓ Appoint a small working group to walk through the area and assess the potential for additional sites for affordable housing around the community

✓ Print off several large scale maps of the village, showing settlement boundary and surrounding land.

✓ Be open to all possibilities.

✓ Advertise for sites using community newsletters, boards, shop windows etc.

✓ Use our 'Housing Site Checklist' to work through potential sites.

✓ Work with housing and planning authorities, developers and Housing Associations to establish which sites could be available for affordable housing.

✓ Develop a short list of sites.

✓ Are landowners of short listed sites willing to sell or donate land for affordable housing?

✓ Hold an open meeting or exhibition with annotated maps to share information, gather support and feedback on sites.

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