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Croft House Grants

The Croft House Grant Scheme provides help to crofters to build or improve their home on the croft. The amount of grant available depends on the location of your croft. The map opposite provides an indication of the grant priority areas

Grant available for a new house is as follows:

High Priority Area: £22,000

Standard Priority Area: £17,000

Low Priority Area: £11,500

Grant for Rebuilding and Improvement

High Priority Area: 40% of costs up to a maximum grant of £22,000

Standard Priority Area: 30% of costs up to a maximum grant of £17,000

Low Priority Area: 20% of costs up to a maximum grant of £11,500

You can get further guidance from the Crofters Commission website and find a CHGS application form.

To be eligible for a Croft House Grant you must be one of the following:

  • a crofting tenant or
  • an owner occupier of a croft, which was acquired from the landlord within the last 7 years or
  • cottar or
  • a Kyles crofter

And you must be inadequately housed because:

  • your present accommodation does not provide sufficient accommodation for you and your immediate family or
  • your present accommodation does not meet an adequate standard or
  • you currently live with parents, are at least 21 years old, and can show you have worked the croft for at least 2 years or 
  • in need of a house on the croft because:
  • you currently live more than 10 miles away or
  • the type of agricultural activities requires your constant presence on the croft or
  • the needs of an existing business, require you to live on the croft or
  • you currently live in a council house (or other tenancy).

Further information from The Crofters Commission and The Scottish Crofting Federation.

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