DTAS Conference 2023


Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th August 2023

Thank you to everyone that attended this year's DTAS Annual Conference! You'll find some content from the event below.



DTAS Conference Programme 2023

PDF icon DTAS Conference - Programme 2023.pdf


Study Visit - Bothwell Futures

PDF icon Bothwell Futures 5 Year Plan.pdf

PDF icon Bothwell Futures Presentation.pdf


DTAS 20th Anniversary Video


Opening Session - Søren Hermansen

PDF icon Søren (Samsø) - Presentation.pdf


Community Benefit Funds

PDF icon Community Benefit Funds.pdf


Community Wealth Building

PDF icon Community Wealth Building.pdf


Finding Funding for Heritage Assets

PDF icon Finding Funding for Heritage Assets.pdf


Fundraising, Procurement and Getting Tender Ready

PDF icon Fundraising.pdf

PDF icon Procurement and Getting Tender Ready.pdf


Governance Question Time

PDF icon Governance Question Time.pdf


Philanthropy and Legacy Giving

PDF icon Philanthropy and Legacy Giving.pdf


Securing Land for Community Growing

PDF icon DTAS Securing Land for Community Growing.pdf

PDF icon Securing Land for Community Growing.pdf


Wellbeing: Supporting the Workforce

PDF icon Wellbeing - Supporting the workforce.pdf




A special thanks to our fantastic supporters and sponsors.

Without their support, the DTAS Annual Conference could not go ahead!




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