The dedicated DTAS team provides information, expert help and light touch support in areas such as governance, organisational development, financial planning and reporting, asset transfer and community ownership, staffing and community shares.

If you have a question, get in touch with us!

Specific offerings include:

  • Strategic planning, including our highly regarded SORT-IT session
  • Specifically tailored trustee / company director training
  • A wide range of DTAS publications, practical resources and tools
  • Regular policy and funding updates via our e-bulletin and social media channels.

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Questions on governance, finance, ownership?
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From free legal advice to shared oil buying, our negotiated deals will reduce your expenditure

Our Partner DTA Scotland Services

The Community Ownership Support Service (COSS) is funded by the Scottish Government to support community based groups in Scotland take a stake in or ownership of previously publicly owned land or buildings.

Community Shares Scotland is a national organisation that exists to raise awareness of the community shares model and support communities who wish to raise money this way.

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